A drunken platformer



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Pilchard is a 2D platformer that uses the basic principle from Canabalt (running and jumping nonstop) and combines it with a constant shakiness in the camera, as if you were drunk.

The settings in Pilchard are generated randomly every time you start the game, just like in Canabalt. And you normally have to restart many times, since its extreme difficulty takes the average playtime to around 10 seconds.

The gameplay in Pilchard, on the other hand, is pretty simple: your character runs forward and you just have to jump each time you come to an obstacle. Some of them are elevated blocks, other times you could just fall into the void. Whatever the obstacle, though, it almost always kills your character.

Pilchard is a simple platformer in every way. Its gameplay is simple, the graphics are simple, the soundtrack is simple ... and that's precisely why it's so charming.
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